Easterton Stables successfully held their first Derby, which included 3 sponsored classes, trophies, medals and prizes, with gorgeous rosettes presented to tenth place. Turnout was excellent, with over 40 entries in class 1 alone.

Joanna & Helzapoppin attack the derby bank

The course was designed by James Sapwell, BSJA Course Builder. James originally worked at Muirmill, but then spent a fruitful 18 months at the David Broom Centre, Cricklands, in Wales where he graduated as a talented course builder.

During the course walk

The winner of class 1, Adrianne Murphy, was presented with a perpetual Cup by Joanna Monahan, in memory of father, Alan W Monahan. Alan loved his time at Easterton with his family and their two horses. He worked at sea but was very supportive of Joanna with her showjumping. He especially enjoyed the trips with Easterton down to the David Broom Centre every August for the Showjumping Championships of Great Britain.

Joanna Monahan won class 2 and was presented with a Cup in memory of J. Douglas Glen who was a past chairman of the Scottish BSJA and sat on the Rules Committee. Douglas, also a British Eventing Official, had long connections with Easterton, always available to give advice on shows. He was fondly remembered when judging at a Kilmardinny Show, announcing "Welcome to day 3 of this 2 day show" when it ran on after midnight. Co-incidently, the Class 2 winner, Helzapoppin, was backed and produced as a four year old by Douglas's daughter, Trish.

A cup in memory of Margaret W. Brown was presented by Rosemary Brown, to class 3 winner, Angela Main. 'Mrs Brown' as she liked to be addressed, loved horses and was a familiar figure at shows for over 30 years. In her later years she still enjoyed accompanying her daughter, Rosemary, to showjumping events at Muirmill and Ingliston and loved leisurely rides round Easterton's canter track at the grand age of ninety-four.

As well as these perpetual trophies, the three winners also received a horse head trophy sponsored by Scott Equestrian Photography Art & Design and a voucher from Reid and Robertson Agricultural Supplies.

The 3 class winners


(Top) Class 3 Winner

Angela Main (Ladarco)

2nd Joanna Monahan (Helzapoppin); 3rd Dawn Shaw (DRB's Own Business); 4th Angela Main (Glen); 5th Shona McArthur (Red); 6th John Brailsford (Max)

(Middle) Class 2 Winner

Joanna Monahan (Helzapoppin)

2nd Dawn Shaw (DRB's Own Business); 3rd John Brailsford (Max); 4th Adrianne Murphy (Elmo); Lisa Langridge (Marsh Kyfe Jip); 6th Shona McArthur (Red)

(Bottom) Class 1 Winner

Adrianne Murphy (Elmo)

2nd Pauline Clark (Ronan); 3rd Rachel Ralston (Candy); 4th Kirsty Fairbairn (Declan); 5th Sarah Mowatt (Mo); 6th Reba Laurie (Gabby).

Megan gets a helping lead from Jenni