A Unicorn Tale

In June 2009, Easterton payed host to an unusual project which involved turning riding school horse, Sonnique, into a UNICORN!

The Royal Mail approached Rosemary Brown about hiring a horse as they required publicity photos to promote the release of a new collection of stamps featuring Mythical Creatures. Megan Allan was enlisted to be a fairy for the photo shoot, the yard staff gave Sonnique a good scrub up, while Pam Scott was draughted in to hand-make Sonnique a horn as digital cheating was not allowed.

A lovely sunny morning witnessed a final hectic clean up of our unicorn after discovering that Sonnique had thought it funny to lie down in her stable and get her face covered in dung despite being completely rugged up. She was then hacked along to Mugdock Park with Miles and Erin for company for her 15 minutes of fame.

Dressage Winner 2009

Winners of the overall Easterton Dressage Points League.